Kwabenya Murdered Girl Was Raped – Autopsy Report

KILLED: Priscilla Oparebea

Ebenezer Ofori, father of the 17-year-old junior high school student of Kwabenya MA Cluster of Schools, Accra, who was killed a week ago at their single room apartment at Point One, has revealed that the killer had sex with his daughter before killing her.

According to the aggrieved father, autopsy report from the Police Hospital revealed that the assassin(s) after sleeping with the girl, also inserted a knife into the victim’s vagina to inflict wounds there, possibly to destroy the evidence which could lead to his arrest.

Not satisfied, the killer also used the knife to cut the girl’s throat.

The body of Priscilla Oparebea was discovered at their home on Friday, January 20, 2017, at about 8:45 pm by her father.

Mr Ofori said no part of the body of the deceased was taken away as per the autopsy report.

“Earlier, when the body was discovered with cuts in the genitals, we suspected that the assassin might have cut part of my daughter’s genitals for ritual purposes, but the report proved otherwise.”

No arrest has so far been made by the police in connection with the murder.

The body of Priscilla Oparebea was interred at the Agbogba cemetery in Accra yesterday.

The deceased had lived with her father, a private commercial bus (trotro) driver in their single room apartment at Point One.

In the morning of that fateful day, Mr Ebenezer Ofori left for work leaving his daughter in the house together with other tenants.

Priscilla Oparebea reportedly went to school that morning but according to her friends, she complained of headache and so she asked permission from her class teacher and returned to the house to seek medical attention at about 1:00 pm.

The father was said to have returned from work around 8pm and discovered that the door was locked and the keys dropped in front of it.

He reportedly picked the keys and opened the door only to discover that his daughter was lying in a pool of blood dead.

Mr Ofori called for assistance and later reported the matter to the police.

A close examination on the body by the police revealed a deep cut in the throat and the genital area.

By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey


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Four students rape 16-year-old girl to coma

Nigeria, December 2015

A sixteen year old girl from Okpoitumo Community in Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi State, Gladys (surname withheld) is battling for survival after being gang raped to coma by four secondary school students who invaded her house.

The four secondary school students whose name were given as Jeremiah Odah, Dick Alo, Ofobuike Alo and Obumnaeme had broken into the girl’s house and immediately demanded for sex but she refused.

This led to her being beaten-up thoroughly by the students of Galaxy foundation Secondary School, Ndiofoke Amagu, Ikwo in Ikwo local government area.

After raping her to coma, the students carried her out of her house and dropped her in a bush where she was found after two days of search party by members of the community.

She was immediately rushed to the Rural Improvement Mission Hospital (RIMH), Ndegu Echara Community in the local government for medical attention.

According to the medical report conducted on the victim, Gladys sustained serious internal injuries in her body including private parts during the incident.

The matter was reported to the Ebonyi State family law center, a special court saddled with the responsibility of handling such case while the chairman of the court Mrs. Edeh Nwali has petitioned the State Commissioner of Police, CP Peace Ibekwe Abdallah urging her to use her good offices and bring the perpetrators to book.

The four secondary school students had disappeared from their hostel and the community after committing the crime.

Father of the victim, Mr. Edward while at the family law centre, appealed to the court, human rights organizations and the government to intervene in the matter.

He described her daughter as a bread winner of the family, adding that through her tailoring business his family has been surviving.


Man Arrested over Alleged Rape inside UK Parliament

London, October 2016

A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of rape after he was allegedly involved in a sexual assault incident inside Britain’s Houses of Parliament, London police said on Tuesday.

The attack reportedly took place in the early hours of last Friday and the suspect, who police have not named, was detained later that day, however police said he was not a lawmaker, The Daily Star reported.

Police said the man had been released on bail until January pending further inquiries.

A spokesman for the House of Commons, one of Britain’s most recognizable buildings on the banks of the River Thames in Westminster, said they were aware of the incident and parliament was working closely with police.


Rage in US after illegals rape girl in school bathroom

March 2017

Major news outlets ignore incident because perpetrators were illegal immigrants – aged 17 and 18 but nevertheless placed in the 9th grade.

A 14-year-old girl in Rockville, Maryland was brutally raped in the boys’ bathroom of her school last Thursday by two illegal immigrants, also students at the school.

The two are in 9th grade, yet are older than the victim by several years: Henry Sanchez, 18, is a Guatemalan national, while Jose Montano, 17, is a national from El Salvador. The victim immigrated to the US legally.

Resembling cases in Israel in which Arabs or African infiltrators attack women, few major news outlets, save Fox News, have put this terrible incident in the spotlight.

“NBC, ABC, and CBS didn’t cover the incident in their prime time news,” popular Fox host Bill O’Reilly reported. “CNN didn’t cover it during their peak broadcasting hours last night, and the same with MSNBC. That’s worse than everything I’ve seen in my over 40 years as a journalist.”

“We all know why,” he added. “Illegal immigration is a political topic.”

White House Spokesman Sean Spicer also related to the incident while responding to a reporter at a White House press briefing. “This is a tragic event, and it’s horrendous and horrible and disgusting what this young girl went through,” he said, noting the need to check, among other things, why 17 and 18-year-olds were enrolled in 9th grade. He said that the incident demonstrates why it is so important to make inspections tougher at the border, and why it is important to force state and city authorities to turn illegals over to federal authorities.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan expressed anger at the way local authorities, especially the local educational system, were dealing with the case. He said that the Montgomery County School Board was not cooperating, not only with his staff, but with the state’s Board of Education about the case when asked.

In addition, the Maryland legislature- controlled by the Democratic party – passed at the beginning of the week a law forbidding police in Maryland from arresting people suspected of being illegals, or from interrogating them about their legal status in the US.


‘Rape of mentally-disabled woman probably not terrorism’

Israel, May 2016

The rape of a mentally-disabled woman in south Tel Aviv earlier this month was most likely not terrorism, the police said Sunday, in a statement that ran counter to initial descriptions of the event.

In an interview with Army Radio on Sunday morning, police spokeswoman Merav Lapidot said: “At this stage, we aren’t ruling it [terrorism] out, but it looks most likely that the case isn’t moving in that direction. We are still checking what happened and there are differing versions of events given by the suspects.”

Lapidot said investigators “understood from the beginning that there is probably more to this case than it seems, and it appears that this is probably not a terrorist attack.”

The case gained further prominence last week when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote a Facebook post in which he said the case deserves wall-to-wall condemnation and “can you imagine what the response would be if it was the other way around [if Jews were accused of gang-raping a mentally disabled Palestinian woman]?” The post was perceived as an attack on the media and the Israeli Left, and garnered widespread criticism. On Friday, Netanyahu wrote a post in which he said he regretted the earlier comment, and that he should have waited until the investigation was complete.

On May 16, two Palestinians – including a 42-year-old father of three from Nablus and a minor were arrested on suspicion of raping the 20-year-old woman who lived with her aunt in the same apartment building as the three suspects.

A third man wanted in the case remains at large.

In the second remand hearing for the suspects on May 22, Sgt.-Maj. Yisrael Sianov, the officer representing the police, said the case was one of terrible cruelty and brutality and that it “had a racial background to it,” including the yelling of anti-Semitic slurs at the victim during the act.

Police have also been the subject of criticism for not reporting the crime to the public – especially considering that one suspect remains at large – but Lapidot said they were not hiding the case, that the remand hearings were open to the public and at no point did they try to take out a gag order.

A number of issues in the case have emerged in the three hearings held so far, including that the lawyer of one of the suspects lawyers has pointed out that police have yet to find the video of the rape his client allegedly filmed with a cellphone, and that the minor arrested in the crime had a prior relationship with the alleged victim.

Police also have had difficulties questioning the victim due to her disability, and have required the assistance of a special investigator.